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World’s unique construction materials from Slovakia

At the beginning of October the company Helske informed the public about the launching of the plasterboard production line representing the only production of this product in Slovakia. Thanks to its own development centre the company continuously tests its products and improves their properties based on the results. In addition to the already known thin-layer plasters, this is the second product that is literally unique in the world due to its innovative properties.

“Our aim was to enhance the properties of the well-known plasterboard and move it to a higher level compared to others, thus offering the market exactly the type of material demanded by many countries in the world. The product was designed for the internal structures of buildings which require an increased level of thermal insulation and increased fire-safety requirements.” says Štefan Karabáč, COO Helske Energy Save.

In the production plant built in Levoča’s industrial zone, the company HELSKE produces plasterboards based on natural and synthetic calcium sulphate hemihydrate mixed with other additives which ensure its thermal insulation effect. These additives are integrated directly into the core of the board, maintaining the standardised thickness (12.5 mm) of the boards.

“By testing the product in our own HELSKE development centre, it was proven that the plasterboard produced this way reaches about 3 times better thermal insulation effect expressed by the thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) value of 0.0775 W/m.K. This eliminates the thermal losses in rooms during the heat transfer from the interior to exterior. Structures made of this product are able to withstand fire and reduce the probability of its transfer through the board to other materials in its vicinity. This increases the specified time during which the maximum radiation value does not exceed 15 kW/m2,” says Štefan Karabáč.

Like other plasterboards, this one can also be attached to horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as wooden or metal interior structures. Based on the specified properties, the product becomes an ideal material e.g. for the implementation of low-energy buildings.

A big advantage, compared to other production companies, is their own Research and Development Department (RnD) included in the production complex. This means that the company does not have to wait several months for the results of standard testing process, as is nowadays common practice in the case of external suppliers. Based on the measured values it is possible to effectively change and adjust the ratio of individual components in the materials within the production process almost immediately.

In terms of reaction-to-fire classification of the construction materials the present plasterboard is in the A2 category. However, based on the material composition of the board, there is an assumption that the category might increase to A1, i.e. the type of product suitable for the implementation of structures in the escape routes of buildings.

HELSKE is committed to ensuring the quality of its end products, as well as the functioning of the entire production process.

“Even the waste generated during production is perceived as a source and not a useless thing that we need to get rid of. Therefore, the production process is set up in such way that the heat produced by the oven used for plasterboard hardening and drying in a zone dryer for one hour (at maximum temperature of 200 degrees) is also used to heat the production and logistics part.” says Štefan Karabáč.