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About Helske Group

Introducing HELSKE® Group

HELSKE® operates internationally in the healthcare, construction, and industrial sectors. We are committed to the economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century, at a local and global level

HELSKE® Group was founded by Matej Rusnak, a serial entrepreneur, in 2013. Currently Helske employs over 170 skilled staff across 9 offices across 6 countries, the main production facility for HELSKE ENERGY SAVE® division is in Levoca, on the east side of Slovakia.

People at Helske Our Journey (Timeline) Company Locations & Structure

Helske headquarters and production facility in Levoča, Slovakia

HELSKE® Group has two main businesses, HELSKE ENERGY SAVE® and HELSKE PEOPLE CARE®.

We focus on uniting human and nature, preserve the environment and protect our resources. The primary focus is to provide sustainable living solutions for the communities we work in by way of people care resorts and environmentally friendly building products.

About Helske Energy Save About Helske People Care

The three pillars of value that we focus on are
People, Nature and Innovations

People at Helske
Major businesses
m2 of production in Slovakia

Helske Energy Save

HELSKE ENERGY SAVE® is a multi-national company with its production and R&D based in Levoca Slovakia and with general distributor domicilled in Dublin – Ireland. We have focused on developing unique technologies for a new generation of building materials, that save energy and bring a whole new dimension to peoples quality of living. We put emphasis on organic production and products.

Detailed overview of Helske Energy Save Applications & Solutions Product Range New products and Technologies
Unique products in full production
Countries with active Helske Energy Save distribution
Specialists, Craftsmen & Partners at Helske Energy Save

About Helske
People Care

HELSKE PEOPLE CARE®: through dedicated resorts located throughout Germany, we improve the quality of life for people and help them maintain their independence, self- determination and vitality by providing for them as their healthcare requirements change. We create an environment in which comfort and modern architecture are combined with functionality and the correct medical facilities. Through innovation, we meet people’s needs in order to offer the highest quality at every stage of life.

Detailed overview of Helske People Care Our Team Our Services Our Locations For Investors
Care Centers opened
Care Centers opening soon
Resorts in construction

About Ultimuv

Ultimuv® represents a company of motion centers with modern diagnostics, experts in motion, experienced Physiotherapists and Trainers. Our goal is to help you to get rid of a pain, teach you the right body movement pattern, and to identify the problem which holds you back from a proper motion, or limits you in obtaining optimal physical performance. We provide complex services from Physiotherapy, Diagnostic, Group or Individual training, or specifically tailored Training programs and Therapies.

Detailed overview of Ultimuv Ultimuv Centers & Services
Year of establishment
Number of branches in Slovakia

Company locations

Our main locations throughout all the projects:

Dublin, Ireland

The general distributor is domiciled in Dublin – Ireland.

Levoca, Slovakia

Our production park in Levoca, Slovakia consists of facilities totalling 8350 sqm, including production and technology lines as well as administrative buildings.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Our offices in Bratislava focus on Investments and our slovak Helske Energy Save distributors are located here as well.

Munchen, Germany

Headquarters of Helske People Care.

Production facility in Slovakia

Our production park in Levoca, Slovakia consists of facilities totalling 8350 sqm, including production and technology lines as well as administrative buildings and warehouses. We place Helske® products directly to market and also through distributors. We also provide technical support in all markets we sell into.

People at Helske

Matej Rusňák


A serial entrepreneur and the founder of HELSKE®. He has 13+ year track record of experience in the management and leadership of sales and construction teams.

Libor Stybr

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

An internationally experienced executive, in sales and business development, working in multicultural teams with a focus on management and innovation management. He has gained vast experience throughout
his career working for global corporations – US business (RCA), Europe (Thomson, Limagrain) and Asia (Thomson).

Ing. Štefan Karabáč, PhD.


With a Diploma in Civil Engineering, from TU Kosice, he supported NANO COAT HOME® at the early stage of its development, responsible for development of product portfolio, analysis and testing of the products.

Ing. Clayton Stone, PhD.


A 8+ year track record in R&D and Innovation, Post graduate degree in Civil Engineering at Technical University of Kosice, where he worked as Researcher and Deputy lab manager and now leads the strategic alliance with TU in Kosice, he is responsible for innovations in HELSKE®.

Christoph Jäger


Christoph has over 10 years of experience in the management of nursing facilities, day care facilities and outpatient care services. He is a student of Nursing Care Management B.A. and Health Management. Previously he worked in Diakonie-Sozialwerk-Nurenberg providing services in the areas of outpatient and inpatient care for the elderly and disabled persons. The corner stones of his philosophy include motivation and co-operation, as well as a key focus on humanity.

Roman Stancel


Roman Stancel has extensive experience in the field of health and social services and has worked for many years in the field of care and assistance for the elderly. He has acquired his knowledge, skills and abilities through his Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Care Management and his work in Project Management at HELSKE People Care. Customers and their needs are his top priority.

Michal Hejsek


Martina Radašová


Miroslav Hecl


Anela Poljakovič


We are always looking for great people.

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Carreer at Helske

Our Journey – timeline of Helske Group

2011, 2Q

Nano Coat concept and traits introduced by university academic

2012, 3Q

Bought the formula rights and selling product directly to market

2012, 4Q

Patent registration process started

2013, 3Q

Company restructured and Helske founded with 18 staff

2017, 3Q

Plasterboard production facility starts

2017, 4Q

Nano Coat patent approved

2018, 2Q

Nano Coat System production facility built

2018, 4Q

Nano Coat System mass production started

2019, 4Q

Plaster Board mass production started

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