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Helske has launched the production of unique plasterboards using nanotechnology in Slovakia

Helske Energy Save, part of the Helske investment group, recently completed the installation and testing of a new production line at its new plant in Levoča, Slovakia.

With the introduction of this state-of-the-art production facility, they have commenced the production of unique nanotechnological plasterboards. An interesting point is that this nanotechnological plasterboard will be 100% produced in Slovakia. Alongside the production capacities, Helske also has its own research and development centre. Working in conjunction with the Technical University of Košice, they succeeded in integrating nanotechnology into plasterboards right here in Levoča.

A full three-shift production is to be launched later this year. According to Mr Štefan Karabáč, the installation and testing of the line was completed this week and at the same time the production was launched. Helske Energy Save had planned to start the production this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the “lockdown” during the spring in Slovakia postponed the installation of the new production line carried out by the Turkish company Erba Makina by several months.

“Nowadays the European Union, struggling to reduce energy demands and increase savings, supports innovative environmental technologies. Therefore, dry construction technologies using plasterboard modular systems are the materials of the future. We try to extend the limits of these systems, striving to make them more durable and smarter. It is not just about their mechanical properties, but their chemical technological properties as well”, says Štefan Karabáč, COO of Helske Energy Save.

The company has experienced much success with their thermal insulation plastering systems across Europe. As Mr Karabáč revealed, the composition was patented in 38 countries around the world. Last year, the Nano Coat Home Plaster System from Levoča was awarded by Spanish experts as the best product in the category Alternative Technical and Design Solution. “We expect the nanotechnological plasterboards to achieve a similar success. Clients that are interested in selling them are already approaching us from the biggest European markets in Germany and France. It seems that we will have our hands full to satisfy the European market”, says Štefan Karabáč, adding that they will gradually start to focus on markets outside Europe, mainly the Near East, which is eager to get construction materials with energy saving properties.

The newly installed production line is fully automated and operating on three-shifts will offer work for up to 30 new employees from the region, mainly as Production Operators. All the new job opportunities will be announced using job portals, the company’s website, social media, and information at Labour Offices.

Since November 2019, Helske has produced special thin-layered plastering products with heat insulation properties in an adjacent production facility in Levoča. The exceptional properties of the whole product range have been gained high interest by experts at different trade fairs and exhibitions like BAU in Munich, FAF in Cologne, IBF in Brno, MOSBUILD in Moscow and CONECO in Bratislava. Based on this, the company started to gradually extend its sales presence outside Slovakia to include Ireland, Germany and Spain.