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Helske Energy Save Company organise a competition for nursery and primary schools called “NanO Discoveries”

In this competition, ten of nursery and primary schools can get plaster from Helske for one of its classes. Helske can help to create a healthy and safe environment for hundreds of children in Slovakia. This aid means a lot for school founders, because of a significant saving in heating costs.

Innovation – People – Nature are the three fundamental values of Helske, which also form the basis of this competition. Each of our products combines innovation and modern science with nature. We would also like to excite children for these values, ”said Clayton Stone, Helske’s innovation chief.

Helske company has decided to organize a competition called “NanO Discoveries”. The competition appeals to the protection of the environment with regard to secondary waste treatment. This is also a hint to what the feeders can be made of.

The project will reward all involved children with telescopes for their next NanO Discoveries. Ten of them get a Nano Plaster for their class, which creates a healthy microclimate, saves energy and protects against moisture and mold.

Apart from protection of nature, of course, we also want to promote innovation, creativity and consideration. They are children who will reshape our planet in the near future, ”Clayton Stone added.