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Unique Workshop and Discussion BORN TO MUV with American guest Mark Cucuzzella

The zero year of the unique running event BORN TO MUV brings together a two-day running workshop and a professional discussion which was taken over by a world – renowned American expert Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. The event is designed for runners of all categories and professionals who want to learn about running knowledge and running topics.

Guarantor of the event BORN TO MUV is the world-renowned professor of medicine at the University of Virginia, a physician, author of the successful Run For Your Life running manual and long marathon runner Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. He has been involved in scientific research for more than 30 years.


WORKSHOP | 13. – 14. SEPTEMBER 2019

Practical workshop for runners of all categories, led by an American professor Mark Cucuzzella, the best Slovak Spartan Peter Žiška and the methodological-scientific team Ultimuv. We will look at the issues of biomechanics running, annual training cycle, endurance, posture, regeneration, sports diagnostics and low-carbohydrate diet. Part of the workshop is focused on practical demonstrations from speakers.


Panel discussion on the latest scientific knowledge in the field of running it is designed for all those who are professional in the world of running – physiotherapists, athletes, trainers, scientists, physicians and other professionals whose profession and expertise are related to running, nutrition, biomechanics or diagnostics. Get inspired by more than 30 years of experience and research by a “running doctor” Dr. Mark Cucuzzela. These are a few names of sports physiologists:  Doc. RNDr. Viktor Bielik, PhD., clinical biochemist, MUDr. Peter Senčík and MUDr. Peter Senčík jr., they will discuss their best experiences and research results. Lectures and discussion are focused on running techniques, prevention of injuries, nutrition, power and the diagnostics in sport.

Are you interested in this event? We are looking forward to your participation!