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We are very pleased that on July 1, 2019 we will open Helske Nursing Care in Bad Abbach and Bad Harzburg. We are now focusing on the selection and training of staff who is motivated by interesting benefits.

Outpatient care is the professional nursing and domestic care of people in need of care in their home environment provided by mobile (outpatient) care services. The aim of outpatient care is to enable people in need of care to remain in their home environment. For this purpose, the mobile service visits the client at home several times a week or several times a day. The prescribed care, examination and treatment services are provided within a certain timeframe.

The prerequisite for admission as an outpatient nursing service by the nursing insurance fund is a trained nurse as the person responsible, i.e. a nurse, a children’s nurse or a state-approved geriatric nurse. In addition to full-time nursing staff, home economics assistants, family care assistants, nursing staff or nursing assistants can also work for an outpatient nursing service. They offer families support and help in everyday life, so that caring relatives can better organise work and care, for example. They come home to people in need of care and enable them to live in their familiar surroundings. Insured persons in need of care have a statutory right to this. Employees of outpatient nursing services can perform various services:

  • Body-related care such as help with eating and drinking, dressing and undressing, body care.
  • Everyday care such as cooking together, escort to the cemetery or support with hobbies and games.
  • Help with household management such as changing bed linen or cleaning the apartment.
  • Domestic nursing care (if the appropriate prerequisites are fulfilled) such as wound care or injections.

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