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A huge apartment complex is growing in the beautiful surroundings of Bad Harzburg. We are very pleased that we were able to inaugurate the first construction of the senior citizens’ complex from the planned resorts in Germany instead of the former sports complex.

Bad Harzburg is a small spa town. It is named after a former imperial castle, the Harzburg, which used to stand proud on the heights above the town, but is now a ruin. It lies on the northern edge of the Harz mountains and is a recognised saltwater spa and climatic health resort.

The construction is based on nature conservation and energy saving. Environmental protection and the emphasis on sustainability have priority. We construct buildings with green roofs, the lowest possible energy intensity, collection and reuse of rainwater and minimization of waste. We do not pollute the environment with chemicals. We want to be a pioneer not only in research, but also in many environmental aspects of production.

The VitaliLife complex consists of 6 two- or four-storey buildings. This premium living offers a wide range of services as well as leisure activities, therapies, cultural and event programs. The elegantly furnished apartments meet even the most demanding customer requirements. The total number of apartments is 112, which can accommodate 150 to 170 people. Senior citizens can choose from beautiful apartments ranging in size from 34 to 113 square meters to meet their individual preferences. The Ultimuv Rehabilitation Centre will also be part of VitaLife. This unique project will help customers train their posture, flexibility and strength with professional physiotherapists.

In the next building, there will be day care and outpatient care offered on the first floor. The outpatient nursing service will be opened in the city on 1.7.2019. On the second floor there will be an intensive care and a dementia care on the top floor.